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Onthaasten in Noorwegen

Travel information


A 2 day cruise with meals includes evening buffet in Grand Buffet and breakfast roundtrip. Only valid on cruises from Kiel-Oslo.


Over limit
Adult required


Choose number of cabins and how many passengers per cabin. If wishing to upgrade your cabin you get a chance to do so later in the booking.
Over limit
Over limit
Adult required


Choose number of vehicles.
Note: Most personal cars does not exceed 5 meters. Just in case though, please measure.
The total length of vehicles incl. the tow bar/bicycle rack.
The total hight incl. ski/bicycle rack.
Total length of trailer includes the drawbar.
It is not possible to book a motorcycle + trailer via the online booking system. Please contact our call centre on telephone number: 0800-6666-111.


Choose number of bicycles. Only chose bicycle here if you are not travelling with a car.


Before travelling with animals, please make sure you've read all the conditions. You'll find those in the practical information section.


Choose a hotel. Please note if the hotel is fully booked an alternative will be presented.


Over limit
Over limit
Adult required
Number of people in a cabin and a hotel room must be equal

Promotion Code

Please specify full name when booking as initials are not accepted.

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